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Meet The Team





Derrick is the founder of Social Shout and an expert in helping our clients business grow.


He is passionate about transferring his expertise into the dynamic marketplace to give aspiring entrepreneurs the edge they need to succeed in the ever competitive business landscape.

20 years of running a business and still, Derrick is looking into partnering & investing into other businesses for clients to succeed further.




General Manager

Nin is a marketing and business manager with over 10 years of experience in running and leading successful social media campaigns for reputable brands.  He was able to grow and establish successful brands which includes concept set up and opening, not just in Manila but also across Asia Pacific Region.

Nin can offer you an efficient way of transforming your brands to its highest potential via social media platforms, through profitable lead generation & branding. So if you want to see the highest potential of your brand let us help you transform it

Lyndon Teoh Social Shout Online Digital Marketing Strategist.jpeg



Digital Marketing Strategist

Partners & Alliances

Simple attractive online presence,  accurate target audiences marketing coupled with latest engaging Digital Marketing & Content strategies are vital in today's businesses"

Lyndon is Social Shout's Digital Marketing Strategist in solutioning cost-effective Digital Marketing strategies to achieve business goals, brand awareness, traffic, and sales.

In partnering clients,  Lyndon enhances their online presence further through effective content marketing tactics across multiple marketing channels and platforms boosting engagements on social media while promoting advocacy, increasing reach and sales conversions.




Marketing Director

Everyone wants their business to grow and Maize can do just that for you and your business.  


Meet Maiza, our brilliant Marketing Director. Maiza has been working for Social Shout since it started. 10 years of experience in the field of marketing is the reason why she is a pro in all this social media, search engine optimization and marketing, content and email marketing and trade.  


She is on top of every Marketing Project we do as a company and ensures that everything runs smoothly. She’s current and always aware of what’s on trend to keep the team in check.



Payment Platform Expert

Fai has been working for Social Shout since its inception.  He believes that dedication and commitment are key contributions to the success of any company. Along with his excellent credentials, Fai is a great character to be around.




Creative Manager

If you want to break in the design world, Noah is an expert. He is a design-savvy leader, ensuring everything is on the right track. Noah is Social Shout’s Creative Manager with 12 years of experience in the advertising and media field. 



Marketing Head

Lyzel is driven, and passionate in the field of digital marketing from the earliest of her career.


She always strives to develop strategy-focused solutions and creatively-crafted content.

Thus, she's very eager in conducting research and an endeavor to innovative approaches in the realm of marketing.


She understands that staying current with trends is critical to a business's growth, so she makes it a point to keep an eye on what's relevant in the industry and use it to formulate strong and effective strategies.


Her intense passion for her profession and her enthusiastic view of life are what motivate her.



Junior Marketing Officer

Christina is an earnest Marketing officer. She is rigorous in every information and detail in her job.


Her determination to provide quality work to her team and brand is evident in carrying her duties with excellence.


Being receptive to different ideas sets her to also be open to new learnings that help her in creating much more productive and exclusive plans and goals.


She strives for success and always aims to provide great skill and value to her tasks.


Also, her eagerness to give her maximum best makes her credible in delivering efficient and effective progress in everything she does and she will do in the future.



Junior Marketing Officer

As a marketing officer at Social Shout, Patricia has given direction to their social media strategy and has been instrumental in measuring and reporting on impact.


She knows how to get the word out and make sure that her message reaches the intended target audience as she does so with all her efforts.


Although she is new to the field of marketing, she is eager to learn more about digital marketing and seeks to enhance her skills.


She hopes to learn more from new environment. Patricia has been working as part of the Social Shout team since November 2021 and has learned a lot from her experience here.

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Junior Graphic Designer

"My creative mind is my strongest weapon."

Veron can solve your problems and express your thoughts visually. She is determined to attract clients through her designs and bring out the best features of your business.

Although the trends in design are dynamic and altering, she still knows how to make your brand stand out and bring confidence to your company. 

Veron may be a junior graphic designer, but she understands how to adapt and how to be responsible for her work. She also possesses strong confidence and a positive attitude that will help her to grow and learn more in the industry

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Junior Graphic Designer

“ Let all that you do be done in love”

She is Leira, one of the Junior Graphic Designer in Social Shout. She is lucky enough to work with some of the most creative and driven people in the world.


She is determined to share her knowledge and skills to contribute to the company. Leira is ambitious and passionate about everything creative especially in designing your brand to bring out its best features.


Making design wholeheartedly is her top practice to win the heart of clients. 

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Team Coordinator

“Passion builds a bridge that allows the audience to connect with you”.

Marfel Montano is the team coordinator in Social shout, responsible for ensuring that the team is working together effectively and efficiently to meet the goals of each department.


She has a strong ability to multitask and prioritize workloads with little or no provisions. Detail-oriented and has team building skills to a deadline-driven environment.

She is passionate in what she’s doing, thrives on helping others and going beyond each every task. Marfel is eager about growing and gaining new skills.


She values learning from others experiences, genuine connections, hearing others dreams and helping other people with their work problems.

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