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Meet The Team



General Manager

Nin is a marketing and business manager with over 10 years of experience in running and leading successful social media campaign for reputable brands. 

He was able to grow and establish successful brands which includes concept set up and opening, not just in Manila but also across Asia Pacific Region.

Nino can offer you an efficient way of transforming your brands to its highest potential via social media platforms, through profitable lead generation & branding. So if you want to see the highest potential of your brand let us help you transform it.


Khaerul is a Graphic Designer who once worked as a Event Organizer. He have skills in the field of Visual Design Communicator and Master Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and SketchUp. He can turn ideas into a commerciable visual key or a communicable image.

Khaerul won in a Photography Competition at the Art Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia. And he once completed the biggest outdoor event in Indonesia.

Khaerul believed that the good visual has its own way of expressing things, and visuals can explain all things that cannot be expressed.


Graphic Designer


Pauline is a Marketing and Events Specialist for 3 years. She started working last 2017 to an advertising agency as an accounts executive events coordinator. She handled successful projects for P&G, Slimmers World, Cardinal Health etc.


Pauline created, designed and presented different project plans and handled various clients, suppliers and other media agencies professionally. She was able to establish fruitful partnerships with different brands. Aside from such, she also do content writing, copy writing, social media management and an extensive knowledge in photo and video editing.


Pauline is the type of person who always do her best in every task that she was assigned to. With full dedication, she believes that she can achieve her personal as well as the company's goal. She wants to learn more about Marketing for she believes that this will be a great field for her to hone her skills and be the best version of herself.


Marketing Executive


Platform Specialist



Marketing Executive

Angela is a Marketing Executive who's responsible in implementing effective marketing communication campaigns, and assist on product and brand development. She has an ability to collaborate with team members and at the same time she can work independently. She love expanding her knowledge through research and understanding of complex marketing trends.

She have implemented and executed various promotional events of reputable brands in the Philippines. Moreover, she was able to help her previous company in managing and delivering all social media activities to increase company's online presence.

Angela can help you find all possible solutions while considering all present constraints to your problem. 

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