Common mistakes on social media management that might make you lose your business!

Social Media Management is a big and a scary platform. One correct move and you might notice your business bloom and be on top. But with a wrong click and share, you might be seeing yourself on the bottom, and worse, can also cause you to close your doors.

We do not know what the future may hold, but there is no harm in preparing ourselves once we face these types of dilemma. Be aware and informed as we will provide you the common mistakes that you, as a business owner must avoid.

1. No social media marketing plan – being unprepared has lots of cons, and you would not like it that your content was not properly timed and curated to your target market. If this is the case, you might be engaging with the wrong demographics, and all your efforts will be considered as a waste. Create a plan, objectives, KPIs and your target accomplishments.

2. Failing to communicate with clients – ensure that your posts will receive response from clients and be certain that you will be able to communicate with them. If no engagement was received, revisit and revise your strategy.

3. No social media policy – a policy will help you choose appropriate content for your target market, and no such rules will possibly create online ruckus. Ensure that the policy will be followed by everyone who has access to your social media page.

4. No progress tracking – if you have no means of tracking your results you will not be able to know what must be revised and improved. Review and learn.

It is good to identify these common problems as early as now as you will be able to think of ways on how to prevent this from happening. But, do not let yourself to focus on this too much, because this is only a few of a thousand problems that you might experience.

To ensure that you will not be experiencing any losses once these problems arise, leave the rest to us, to Social Shout. We will make sure that your social media will be well-managed, and posts will be created based on the Social Media Marketing Strategy, and on your target audience. Relax and await as we establish your online presence.

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