How to Set Up a Perfect Instagram Business profile

Instagram is a mobile application which is made available for Apple iOS and Android. Its users use this platform to share photos or videos to their followers, or either selected people. It mainly uses graphics to convey a message and can be answered by a simple like or a comment.

Currently, there are 1 billion users across the world. And just recently, last May 2016, Instagram launched new tools for business accounts, this includes additional features such as business profiles, promotion using ads, and data analytics. Many businesses utilized this, however, only some were able to get its full benefit – some had a hard time launching their business, while others were not able to create a perfect Instagram profile.


This boils down to one important question, how to build an Instagram-worthy profile? And how can you entice clients using this social media application? Check out this simple guideline which may help you achieve this:

1. Have a business profile account – create a profile which shows brand-appropriate content.

2. Ensure complete profile information include all necessary details of your brand, such as your logo, username, name, and address. These data will help your business to be properly represented and recognized.

3.Add story highlights these are curated collections of your Instagram stories which can permanently be seen on your profile. Some accounts use this to show what your business offers, and its amazing features and reviews!

4. Bio copy create an enticing bio copy, ensure it will be brief and concise as Instagram has limited characters for you to introduce yourself. In addition, you can also add call-to-action buttons and your brand’s hashtags.

5. Revisit and improve benchmark, check other businesses’ accounts and get ideas on how you can enhance your profile.

Having a hard time doing such? There are still other features on Instagram where you can utilize and get the most out of. We, Social Shout, will not let you get stuck on being an Instagram newbie, we are here to help you with that. Establish a strong online presence by acquiring our social media management and competitor tracking services. Be recognized.

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