Instagram Strategies to Drive Organic Traffic

In less than a half-decade Instagram has taken over all other social media platforms and now is used as an important digital marketing tool for better reach and review. After all, it’s the main secret of advertising, “display yourself, where everyone is”. Nowadays, that very place is Instagram and increasing your Instagram reach can work in the direction of your business success. However, things don’t come that easy as said and one needs proper brainstorming and strong strategies to drive Instagram traffic that later can support in brand building or sale of your product. It is suggested to hire a professional social media team to look after it yet here are a few points mentioned that can assist you in growing your organic traffic. Moreover, these points can be beneficial in forming the social media engagement plan if you’ll think of hiring professionals.

  • Display what you have to offer

Just don’t go over the top with your brand display as it may push you towards posting random and irrelevant things. The idea here is to establish a connection between you and your customers for the business you are involved in. If you have a hospitality business, display your venue, if you are into tech solutions go for the latest gadgets or your own product. Just avoid posting a lot about yourself and tell what you have to offer. Later align your projection with your marketing strategy and include CTA.

  • Use proper hashtags

To increase the number of people that see your account, use appropriate, relevant hashtags in your material. Compile a list of hashtags that appeal to you so you can copy/paste to save time, and keep an eye on the progress hashtags that will help you appeal to the masses.

  • Consistency is the key

If you consistently post high-quality material that attracts engagement, the system will work in your favour. If you have an Instagram account, you should make a posting schedule. A Company page can also access Instagram data using the Insights tool. You'll be able to discover more about your followers and see when they're the most engaged this way. You can just use the Insight feature if you already have an Instagram Business account.

  • Mix your content

Consider taking a step back and examining your content. To affect the algorithm favourably, you must have a decent mix of photographs and videos, depending on your business and demographic. Videos not only increase interactivity, but they will also maintain them on one platform, which is the channel's purpose. If you want to emphasise your company's human side, include good photographs of employees facing forward and maintain eye contact.

  • Take the help of Instagram stories

Actively participate in this attention-getting format to show off your creativity and wit. By tagging other individuals in your Story, you may tap into their network and broaden your visibility. In your Story, you can also include hashtags to encourage customers to obtain and associate with your profile. Consider that more than 70% of Millennial consumers follow at least one brand, thus this networking and format is something you should use.

If you are convinced of the power of Instagram then you deserve a good social media management company to look after your success. Contact Social Scout now to see what kind of organic reach you can gain in a relatively short period of time.

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