Introducing Social Shout

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Everything is becoming digitalized. With just a few clicks on the internet, you can get anything, anywhere, at any given time. How convenient as a consumer! But as a business owner are you prepared for this change? For this virtual transition? Do not let your company face the consequences and handle losses, by not going with the trend.

Thus, the creation of SOCIAL SHOUT. A digital marketing that provides continuous support and solution to Digital Marketing problems. Our mission is to help you create relevant awareness through Social Shout's social media management.

Nin Pangilinan, Chief Executive Officer on the launch of Social Shout : “Business growth should be parallel with the evolution of global situation. Since the arise of pandemic, everything became digital, thus the need shift to adapt to the demands.

Our team lives and breathes creativity — passionate in establishing your online presence and reputation thru handling of your Social Media accounts. To see outstanding results of effective social media management, oneself must think alike with the way the client thinks, act and behaves. We put pride in everything that we do, starting from providing strategy and execution for companies that need their investment in marketing to drive business growth.

With the team’s expertise and hard-work, Social Shout has now over 12 clients across Southeast Asia inclined in the industries of beauty, food, retails, and IT companies. Our feedback management system helps us to continuously improve on ourselves and provide a better service. One of our clients, Dipti from Sylvia Secrets, a famous aesthetician salon from Singapore, says “Social Shout really helps me do everything, from establishing all my social media accounts, setting up and managing them so we can establish brand awareness through social media without spending time thinking about social media strategy so I can be more focused on salon operations. I don’t have to do anything as they’re doing it all, from posting content daily and sending reports. Besides, they’re tracking my competitors and sending the reports to me monthly which really helps us increase brand awareness.”

If you are still getting lost and overwhelmed on how big this change is, we can help you adjust with that. Try our free consultation, and you will realize the long path of Social Media Management. Do not worry, you are not alone - we want to be with you when you grow. Social Shout will serve as the client’s marketing arm while the business owner focuses in building his empire.

We treat your success as our own success.

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