Social Media Marketing Best and Worst Practices

Social Media is an extremely powerful tool in the world of marketing today. It has become an essential instrument for every business owner. In fact, according to a research, there are 3.8 billion social media users in January 2020.

Is Social Media really effective on your business?

Social Media has proven to be an essential and cost-effective strategy for every kind of business. It has a wide array of services to reach out to your target market. That’s why a lot of businesses are taking this opportunity but not all of them may succeed on this journey.

You see, Social Media can make or break for most brands. Your engagement may or may not perform well. It really depends on how you will manage your social media account. It is all about your content and strategy.

Here are some best practices Social Media Managers do on Social Media:

1. Choose the Right Channel

Social Media can be different depending who and where you are. You have to know first your audience demographics, which platform fits your style and approach and which platform can help you achieving your goals and remember, not all social media platforms will work for you.

These are some of your audience profile for each social media platform:


  • There are 2.50 billion active users on Facebook making it the most-used social platform.

  • Facebook users are 54% female and 46% male.

  • Facebook has over 7 million advertisers

  • 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly

  • Facebook advertising reach is 1.9 billion


  • YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide.

  • Almost 8 out of 10 marketers consider YouTube as the most effective video marketing platform

  • 62% of business use YouTube as a channel to post video content


  • There are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram

  • 500 million daily active users

  • 50 billion of photos shared

  • 25 million business has Instagram account

  • 56% Instagram users are female and 43% are male

  • 73% of teens says Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them about new products or promotions

  • More than 2 million monthly advertisers and 25 million business profiles

  • Over 500,000 active influencers on Instagram

  • Instagram advertising reach is 850 million users.

2. Creative Content

A good brand should have creative and engaging posts. Engaging in a way you will create and initiate topics to connect with your audience. In order to avoid promotional postings, you can try mixing up these topics: Current news and affairs, blog posts, memes etc. You have to put yourself on your audience shoes and ask yourself, "What do I want to see on this page?"

3. Know your Competitors

Take dedicated time to research about your competitors. Your strategy should be different from them. But how can you accurately track your competitors? Simple, list at least 5 of your top competitors and track down their movements like their promotions, postings, and total engagement. This can be tedious but trust us, it is worth it.

Some business owners are wondering why social media is not that effective in running their business, some often ask themselves “Is Social Media really working?”

You chipped in a lot of money, you hired numerous graphic designers to create amazing artworks but at the end of the day, you get 0 customers. Maybe there’s something wrong in your process.

1. Your Social Media Marketing Plan is Missing

To ensure the success of your business. One must have a well-defined plan. This is not just all about random posting or sharing photos or videos to attract customers. This is your guide on how you will execute your marketing strategies. You should have specific goals that you wanted to achieve, certain KPI and budget for your marketing ads. Set your brand tone and make sure you stay on your line and ensure your plan answers the SMART method.

2. Posting at the Wrong Time

If you feel like you are posting often and your social media numbers aren’t add much, don’t you think maybe you’re posting at the wrong time? Timing plays a great role in marketing because you want your ad to be seen everywhere. In order to achieve that, you have to know your audience first like their habits, engagement and their schedule. You might want to hit those targets and after observing them, you can now create your social media calendar in order to track and schedule your posts.