The Evolution of Social Media

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Social Media is a collective group of websites and applications that lets its users create and share content. Others utilize it by keeping in touch with their friends and relatives around the world, but due to the increasing population of its users, it is now being used to know more about network career opportunities, marketing-related promotion.

How did Social Media start?

Access to Social Media was difficult and only those who had the internet can do so, and back then, using social media was simply a hobby. And as time went by, almost 100 million people had access to the internet. It can also be observed that the time spent over the internet has dramatically increased. Why is that? Because, as its users increases, social media features also improve.

What is Social Media used for?

At first, the platform was mainly used in befriending someone, or a stranger. It is used basically in creating a digital profile, your own page and connecting to those who have related passions and likes/dislikes. And because of the increasing numbers of its users and they can be easily categorized using their social media engagement, business was able to use this to their advantage.

With the help of Social Media, various businesses were able to create their social media platform and began their online brand. Companies can utilize targeted options to reach the exact people they are seeking and use the platform to engage with customers, increase sales through advertising and promotion, gauge consumer trends, and offer customer support.

Using social media for your business is very tricky, it is everyone’s goal to have a strong online presence. However, failing such can lose you your company too. With this, it is important to know your client well and be mindful of your social media strategy.

Good thing that there is Social Shout who can help and give you an advantage through social media management and competitor tracking.

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