What is content management and why is it needed?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Content management is a process of collection of retrieval, governance, collection, delivery, and overall management of information in a format that suits your needs as an individual or an organization. It’s actually a hectic, strategic and crucial process keeping the digital presence of the enterprise or an individual into consideration. In other words, content management can rightly be referred to as the administration of digital content lifecycle from creation to deletion or storage. The content may include video, audio, images and multimedia as well as text.

Content management process

However, the process of content management may vary depending on the requirement of your organization yet mentioned below is the ideal procedure to follow.

  1. Organization: This is the phase where categories are created, and classification schemes are developed.

  2. Creation: Content is created as per the different categories.

  3. Storage: Created content is stored, given access or delivered as per the need of your organization.

  4. Workflow: In this step, workflow is decided to maintain the consistency of the content.

  5. Editing: As the name suggests itself, editing of the content is done to keep the flawlessness intact.

  6. Publishing: In this step, the content is delivered to the user or used by the user either by mail, like a blog or website content.

  7. Removal: Depending on the need and suitability of the content one can remove the content or keep it in the archive.

Need for content management

  • Organize and strategies your content: Imaging been all over the place and yet yielding no results. This may happen if you don’t opt for a good content management team. Content management doesn’t only make you look organized but helps in forming digital marketing strategies.

  • Keep track of the data you publish: It may be fun to publishing on all your social media handles for a few weeks or months but after some time your post will start looking monotonous. Which can be avoided by good content management.

  • Work in optimization to your brand image: There is a huge difference between what you have to tell and how you should be telling it. Sometimes not every piece of information works in our best interest, thus comes the role of content management in patting that difference.

  • You don’t feel lost digitally: Through content management, you can keep a tap on everything latest happening around and may surf above instead of getting buried under it.

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