Why do people unfollow your social media brand?

It is considered as an achievement for the social media marketing team whenever there is an upward trend on the number of followers, most especially the engagement score on your social media brand. It only means that the group responsible were able to successfully handle the online reputation of the brand – and were able to create a perfect digital profile. On the other hand, it is deeply saddening whenever you notice a downward trend – and it is specifically hard to pinpoint the main reason for the sudden change.

With this, let us give you a few of the major reasons why some people decided to leave your brand.

  • Too many promotionsposting uninteresting content is a major turn off to your followers, and some followers believe that it is a boring post that has little to no value at all. People follow you for engagement, and they do not seem to find and do any engagement because of your self-promotion.

  • Overuse of automated messagingif your profile has full of auto-generated messages and inspirational context, do not expect that you will be able to connect your brand to your followers. Introduce your brand mission and purpose and align it with your social media content.

  • Did not receive a reply from you just like you, your followers do not want to be left hanging. People wanted an interactive process between your social media account and them, and if you do not reply they will think that you are not giving them the attention that they deserve.

It is important to know what your target audience wants and likes to see. In addition to this, regularly monitor your social media statistics and your key performance indicators for you to know your online status.

If you are thinking that it requires too much time and work, we, Social Shout are here to help you. We have developed a framework and a system to reduce several lost followers for your social media brand, and aside from that, we can recommend the perfect content for your business. For more information about the services that Social Shout offers, click here: https://www.socialshout.online/services

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